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New Storage Units Coming Soon

Assembly of New Storage Units at Freedom Storage in Shelton, WA

New Storage Units Getting Assembled at Freedom Self Storage

During the summer and autumn months, folks traveling along Johns Prairie Road may have noticed construction work at Freedom Self Storage. We have been building three new buildings of storage units and they will soon be available to rent out.

Bull dozer and dump truck removing excess dirt and gravel at Freedom Self Storage in Shelton, WA.

Bulldozer and dump truck removing dirt and gravel at Freedom Self Storage in Shelton, WA.

New Storage Units: This Year’s Construction Activity

In August & September: The holes for the concrete foundations were dug out, the concrete pads framed in, poured, and cured.

In September and October:  The metal structures, roll up doors, and electrical work were assembled or installed. We were lucky to have several stretches of sunny, dry weather for this process. The photo above shows one of the metal storage buildings going up.

In November: The downspouts, underground drainage system, and new video cameras were installed. And we also brought in a bulldozer and dump truck to remove extra gravel and dirt, as seen in the photo to the right.

What’s left to do?

There are just a couple steps remaining…  Sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday, we will do the final grading and add a new top coat of fresh gravel to complete the construction process.

Once the construction of our new storage units is complete, we will have a wide selection of unit sizes available to rent to customers. The unit sizes will range from our smallest 5×10 units up to the largest 10×30 units.

If you’ve been thinking of making space in your garage for your car this winter, we’ve got the right-sized unit for your tools, spare tires, and boxes of Christmas decorations. And if you’ve been wanting to de-clutter your closets in the new year, we will have just the right-sized storage unit to serve as an extra attic for all your stuff. Give us a call today!